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Welcome to Kuk Sool Won™ Of Hastings – Martial Arts Classes, here you will find information about our classes and system of martial arts that we teach. If you would like to book a FREE trial class then just click any of the “Click Here To Book a FREE Trial Lesson” buttons.

Alternatively take a look at the various classes that we run below and click “Find Out More” to go straight to the timetables for those lessons.

With classes for beginners, all ages and current fitness levels you will be sure to find a class suitable for yourself and your family.

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Children's Martial Arts
Age: 6-8 Years

With our children's training programme in Hastings we focus on improving confidence, co-ordination and balance as well as learning martial arts. We also make sure we have loads and loads of fun! Your little one will naturally improve their social skills, make new friends and use up all that excess energy!

As we run multiple children's martial arts classes each week we can normally accommodate new kids wanting to have a FREE trial lesson so just book up on-line. Get in touch if you have any specific questions for us about the classes or our martial art.

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Junior's Martial Arts
Age: 8-14 Years

Our Junior and kids martial arts classes are ideal for ages 8 - 14 years and will focus on developing confidence, control, self defence, awareness and fitness. On top of this our Juniors and kids will begin to learn a martial arts system that will grow with them and be there for them all the way into adulthood.

These classes are some of our most popular and we run sessions in Hastings that allow parents to train with their children so experiences can be shared and enjoyed.

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Adult Martial Arts
Age: 14+ Years

Our Adult training classes are a mixture of Martial Arts, body conditioning, flexibility training and more designed to provide our students and members with a full body workout while learning the key elements of self defence and martial arts.

The Adult Hastings classes are suitable for those age 14+ with no upper age limit, we accommodate a range or abilities, fitness levels and reasons to want to exercise. Just follow the find out more button to book your FREE trial lesson at one of our adult martial arts classes.

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Adult & Juniors Family Martial Arts
Mixed Age Groups

Many of our instructors have families that train with us and these family classes are fast becoming our most popular at Hastings. Many parents have expressed over the years how they would love to train in something like a martial art but can't because they have kids.

We looked to solve that challenge by running martial arts classes where parents, sons and daughters can all train together. We still train adults with adults and children with children in these classes and make sure everyone gets a full martial arts workout!

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Fitness With Form
Get Healthy Through Training

Some students, such as our school owner Brenden, started their martial arts career out of a desire to simply become fitter and healthier for everyday life. Our martial arts classes combine elements of cardio, HIT and body conditioning throughout along with Martial Arts and Self Defence that keeps the reflexes sharp and the mind focused.

We often take enquiries with new students saying they will get fit before joining so they don't start classes out of shape. We say the same thing: Join us now and we will help you get into the shape you desire whilst having the benefit of learning martial arts at the same time.

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Building Confidence
Training With Purpose

We are very proud to have been able to work with some amazing students over the years some of whom have joined us as very nervous, shy individuals. At the Hastings club we pride ourselves on building strong, independent, students who are able to grow beyond themselves and develop into confident, independent martial artists.

We always welcome students who may be a little unsure of things or new experiences and are happy to work with them to give a great martial arts experience. Adults and Juniors this applies to you as well, come down and see what the club has to offer.

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What People Say

"My son, Jasper, joined the little ninjas program at age 4 and has now progressed to a Blue Belt at the age of 7. The smile on his face says it all and the instructors are fantastic with the kids classes...."

Emma M.

"Both of my kids have been attending class once a week for a number of years; it helps them to focus their boundless energy into something constructive, and is greatly beneficial for them in terms of discipline and concentration"

Sarah C.

"I absolutely love the fact that my daughter Lexie found Kuk Sool Won. She became a member of the Hastings club at the age of 4 and at 13 became a 1st Degree black belt. Lexie has now joined the instructing team who are just brilliant and work with the children to bring out the best in them. Lexie found the classes a lot of fun without realising that she was learning and now she is teaching the little ones the same things that were instilled in her. She also competes in national tournaments and has won medals in all categories that she competes in. The club is like a family and we all help one another, wouldn’t go anywhere else."

Joe B.

"These classes have given me confidence to feel in control, not only of my body but of being able to take care of myself in an unwanted situation. Not only that but the classes are highly fulfilling within a family like environment. It becomes more than a hobby and teaches the importance of focus, the power of the mind and respect."

Agne N.

"Kuk sool won of Hastings always provides fun yet disciplined classes with devoted instructors. Over the years Kuk Sool Won Hastings has helped me to achieve my personal goals, as well as teaching others. Kuk Sool Won Hastings teaches traditional martial arts in a family friendly environment. The head instructor and school owner has taught me for the past 9 years through achieving my 1st dahn blackbelt in 2014 and now my 2nd dahn which i hope to achieve in November 2018"

Joe M.

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About Us

Our martial arts sessions are run by DBS cleared, fully insured, qualified instructors who have trained for many years. We utilise coaching styles that adapt to an individual and ensure all our students get the most from their training time with us. We pride ourselves on creating a martial arts training environment that see our juniors, families and adults train with us for many years.



We run martial arts classes in Hastings from ages 6 to Adult and for all levels of fitness, capability and training needs. Our classes include sessions for Juniors and Adults as well as Families where parents and kids can train together.

Here at our martial arts club in Hastings we train in the comprehensive style of Kuk Sool Won™, a traditional Korean martial arts system. Within our classes we look at many aspects of martial arts including: Kicking, Striking, Weapons, Moving Forms, Escape and control techniques, body conditioning, flexibility and more.

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